A Guy Was Walking Down Devon Pointing A Shotgun At Cars

Walking down a main road in broad day light, cigar in mouth, hood activated, and a shotgun discreetly over the shoulder. It’s always the ones you’d never expect. It’s a shame this guy didn’t do this sooner. If I were driving down Devon while the construction was going on at Harlem I would have been happy to see someone with a shotgun. Right place wrong time. This guy may have legitimately thought he was in GTA:Norwood Park. I don’t know many other scenarios where you walk out of the house with a shotgun in plain sight and expect to be be home for dinner. Because of 16th’s lightning response time the man didn’t win any achievements, but you have to admit Grand Theft Auto: Northwest Chicago would be filled with mission impossibles. 70% of the people walking down the street here are off duty cops and even the video game hookers wouldn’t step foot in the Esquire.

If my brain is telling the truth then I believe that picture was taken at Devon/Newark, and then he made it to about Thecla. Imagine seeing this guy walking past Thecla while we were all hanging out in their parking lot growing up. Just you and a tailgate party filled with kids who just got their license and kids who should have theirs revoked. I don’t hate our chances there.


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