Kid Swings At His Barber After Getting A Bad Haircut


We’ve all gotten a bad haircut and made zero complaints to the barber. Whether it be avoiding the awkwardness or realizing the damage is already done, you just sit there and accept your fate. I could come out looking like Skrillex and still be like “Oh perfect.” There’s always that moment when you realize that he cut your bangs too short or some shit and for the remainder of the haircut you might as well be in the electric chair. Just sitting there taking it like a champ with a stiff poker face while the guy uses your head as scrap paper for the next 15 minutes. Next thing you know you log onto Facebook and start seeing ads for wigs since apparently they have access to our brains now. You already know that you’re going to be wearing a hat anytime you’re out, and possibly even when sleeping, but that still leaves your co-workers open for fire on you. So you power through for the next month while those closest to you slowly kill you with the “We’re gonna get that guy back!” or “You still have the receipt?” Then obviously wait until the car ride home to cry.

That’s why I can’t sit here and yell at this kid. He is the spokesperson for the silent majority here. In reality I should have rightfully murdered at least 4 barbers in my lifetime, but didn’t because I’m basically a mime when I’m in that barber chair. I posted a video not too long ago after I tried a new barber shop out (suicide mission) and the dude put lines through the side of my head without even discussing it with me. No exaggeration, it was the most insane thing that anyone has ever been done to me. That guy should be dead right now but because of certain laws he’s still out there wreaking havoc on people’s hair. I’ve seen a lot of over the top insane characters in my internet career, but this kid here isn’t one of them. Let this be a lesson to barbers worldwide.


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