Worst Person Wednesdays: The Friend Who Doesn’t Have Uber

There’s few things in life worse than waking up and seeing that you were the designated Uber buyer the previous night. Silent killer to the bank account every time. And it was either because everyone else stood around twiddling their thumbs while waiting for someone else to pull the trigger, or because someone didn’t have the app. We’ve mentioned this on the podcast before, but I’m not done with these people just yet. First off, the people who say that they do in fact have Uber but it doesn’t work may be even worse. What do you mean it doesn’t work?  “It’s something with my bank account.” Well then let’s make some phone calls to the bank brother. Lets get this problem under control so you can start chipping in around here. Or someone says, “I forgot my password.” Well you see that “Forgot Password” button? Take a guess what that’s for bud.

The best is when the non uber user says, “You get the Uber, I’ll get the 1st round once we get to the bar!” Okay but I’m going to be getting the second round. You’re not paying anyone back here, you’re just simply buying a round first. Look it’s about the principle here. You either have the app but don’t want to use it or you have issues with the app that can be resolved within 2 minutes. I hate waking up in debt up to my ears over night as much as the next guy, but I will not pretend to be fooled. One of these days I’m just leaving the no Uber friend stranded in a bad part of town where he’ll have no choice but to resort to getting the app. “I heard about this nice bar in Chatham, you and me should go check it out.” He’ll be on the phone with his bank while smacking that Forgot Password option like his life depended on it.

PS – If you’re not using the same password for every single thing that requires one you’re just being an idiot. Do you really wanna feel like Dory the fish every time you gotta retype your Facebook password? Or have to answer those security questions – What was the name of your first pet? Riley. Incorrect. I mean no I’m pretty sure I would know, unless you know something I don’t. What’s your brother’s first name? All right I’m feeling pretty confident about this one…Incorrect – Just accept the fact that your brain is too shot to even remember this morning let alone some numbers and letters you threw together 8 years ago. I might have a better chance of hacking into the pentagon than I do logging into my MySpace account right now.

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