Worst Person Wednesdays: The People Who Don’t Use Headphones When Playing Music From Their Phone

First off, the lack of self awareness on these types of people is extraordinary. These assholes are just blaring the new Gucci Mane or some Indy alternative through their Droid for everyone on the CTA to clench their jaws to without a care in the world. I mean next time just set up a hip hop show in the seat next to me. As if riding the Red Line at 11PM wasn’t already a delightful enough experience, now I get to listen to the sweet sounds of Lil’ Xanax through some oaf’s iPhone surround sound speaker system.

There’s really no excuse for this to be happening considering the iPhone comes with a complimentary pair of headphones. Lost them? Retrace your steps, pray to St. Anthony, start a GoFundMe for a new pair, do what you must, but you can’t just make everyone else suffer for your mistakes bud. Truthfully, I’m dead jealous of these gentlemen for having the audacity to go out there and bump their “Riding the L” playlist for all to hear. This is what they mean when they say ignorance is bliss. If I forget my headphones I just go a whole 45 minutes listening to the symphonies of the CTA, while these civilians are brave enough to say “fuck it” and put on a concert for the whole train. Next time I find myself sitting next to one of these people, I’m just going to crank Weezer, Third Eye Blind or some shit on full volume to drown out whatever they’re playing. Fire vs. fire.

(Let’s be honest, I probably won’t do that but you could imagine what it’d be like if I had the balls to.)

2 comments on “Worst Person Wednesdays: The People Who Don’t Use Headphones When Playing Music From Their Phone

  1. Haha, true, but if you really want to fight fire with fire a nice operatic or classic symphonic peace might be better ammo.


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