Who in the World is Tony Da Mimbo

Some of you might be wondering who this clown is? Is this just Danny’s alter ego? Is he from the neighborhood? Did he ever drown anyone at Whealan?

To answer all of these questions, it’s a pretty simple no. As you can tell by the nauseating picture luring you in, I’m pretty much an open book, and my DMs are always open. If you really need to know who I am, it’s nothing a quick google search can’t solve, but I did want to give a little background here since I am letting you into my world.

I was basically born and raised for the most part in Mt. Greenwood on the South Side. Lived there over 25 years, and still have family in friends there. Even though I now live in the Western Burbs, I will always call Mt. Greenwood home, and am very proud to be from there.

Mt. Greenwood is basically like Edison Park, just like 8% shittier if I had a guess. If you don’t know where Mt. Greenwood is, it is between where the South Side Irish Parade is, and where Bourbon Street is. That is usually how I landmark it, and the only reason any of you venture south of Pershing.

I lived in Mt. Greenwood until I was 29 or 30. I met my wife online because I am a fat loser, but now a very happy fat loser. Only reason I bring her up is that she grew up in Niles, and has a large family that all live within what feels like 12 minutes of each other. So I have gotten to know the neighborhoods on the NW Side a little bit, and look forward to hearing all of your stories about how much better you all are than I am.

To be serious for one paragraph, I do appreciate any feedback that you all have. If you don’t think something is funny, tell me. I need to know what you like and what you don’t, otherwise this isn’t going to work. I appreciate Danny Conrad giving me an outlet like this, and I hope my blogs (and future videos) entertain you all, and take your minds off of the every day lives you all lead.

Going forward, I will be sharing stories of my glory days and trying to make you laugh, and maybe cry if my dog dies or something. I look forward to eventually meeting you at one of your exquisite shrines such as Teasers or Chasers.

P.S. TBK fucking STINKS! Be better.

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