The Milk Challenge II Game Day Blog

The Milk Challenge I, The Original Milk Challenge all started with Intern Tim Byrne and Gill saying they could EASILY finish a gallon of milk in an hour without throwing up. Eventually, other people believed they could do this mission impossible as well and joined in. Their irrational confidence made me so riled up that I decided to run an event where everyone on the internet could watch them fail with me. 4 years later and we’re doing it all again. I cannot tell you how many times over the past couple of years after Milk Challenge I, The Original Milk Challenge that both guys and girls have come up to me and said, “I could honestly chug a gallon of milk in an hour without yacking no problem.” Those same people are being put to the test today. 8 contestants, 1 hour. He (or she, but no shot) who finishes the gallon and does not puke until minute 61 is crowned king. Since every contestant is certain that this is going to be an issue – if multiple people finish the gallon and don’t puke until the 61 minute mark, then whoever finished theirs first wins. There’s no chance that’s happening, but if it does then the rules are here in writing. Tonight we ride, tomorrow we worry about all the trouble we may get in tonight. As much as I’d like to capture every microsecond of what happens today, it’s sort of hard when two of your cameraman say they can’t make it last second. Only the biggest event of the year but no big deal. I have someone filming, but one camera isn’t going to capture all the madness so I advise everyone to be at Jets by 1:30 today for some once in a lifetime entertainment. There’s zero doubt in my mind that this side show is going to go haywire at some point. The inmates are going to end up running the asylum and I’m going to be the geek from Project X trying to kick everybody out while the Jets bouncer is getting tied up by Nicky Blast’s buddies. Here goes the neighborhood.

Go follow @NeighborhooDive, @EddieBarstool, and myself @DannyJConrad on twitter for routine updates. Battle stations people. #MilkChallenge

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